Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Jeff Norman

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Jeff Norman is a graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. Upon graduation, he was awarded the Outstanding Senior Award from the American Chiropractic Association. Since beginning practice, Dr. Norman has served in various positions on the Board of Directors for the Utah Chiropractic Physician’s Association, including Chairman of the Board. In 1996 he was given the “New Doctor of the Year” award from the UCPA. Dr. Norman has advanced training in the treatment of scoliosis and Auto Injuries, as well as Computerized Adjusting techniques and Biological Homeopathic injectable treatments for pain and aesthetic (cosmetic) medicine.

Dr. Jared Hall

Dr. Chad Cannon

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Cannon is an enthusiastic and skilled Chiropractor with a special interest in general wellness, sports medicine, and pediatrics. He has enjoyed working with the USU Cheerleading team, USU Wrestling team, and the USU hockey team over the past 4 years. He is a big believer that “there is nothing more rewarding than working with lots of different patients and fixing the ‘root’ of the problem, instead of just covering up symptoms… not just getting rid of nagging pain, but by helping them live optimally well.” Dr. Cannon speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys treating patients from all walks of life. Outside of work, Dr. Cannon has six wonderful children with whom he enjoys spending time bike riding, river rafting, camping, fishing, playing baseball, and horseback riding. He looks forward to getting to know all of the wonderful patients we have here at Peterson Wellness!

Dr. Joshua Pond

Dr. Joshua Pond

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Joshua Pond was born in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1977. Ever since the age of 4, he desired to be a doctor that could help people. On his journey to achieving this goal, he met his wife, Dr. Brooke, while obtaining his Pre-Medicine degree at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. She was instrumental in encouraging Dr. Josh to see a chiropractor for the first time and in doing so, shaping the future of his career path. In the summer of 2000, they got married in Myrtle Beach, SC, and then proceeded to complete their chiropractic training at Logan College of Chiropractic. In December 2003, Dr. Josh graduated Cum Laude from Logan, and in March of 2004, he and his wife opened their office in Myrtle Beach, Discover Chiropractic. Dr. Pond and his wife practiced together for nearly 16 years before his wife’s untimely passing from cancer in 2019.

The end of 2019 as well as most of 2020 was filled with challenges for Dr. Pond, but with those challenges also came opportunities. Dr. Josh had the privilege of knowing Dr. Norman for more than 10 years due to Pro-Adjuster training and seminars. While 2020 led to the selling of Dr. Pond’s practice in Myrtle Beach, it also paved the way for him to join Dr. Norman and the staff at Peterson Wellness Center. Dr. Pond is excited for the amazing opportunity to work for one of his mentors and desires to bring to this clinic the same level of quality care that he brought to thousands of patients in Myrtle Beach over the years. Dr. Josh is altogether proud, honored, and humbled to become one of Peterson Wellness Center’s chiropractic physicians, and is looking forward to helping you feel better and function higher.

Our Team



Chiropractic Assistant

Tiana was born at a young age in Salt Lake City Utah. She has an absurd amount of family members, coming in at a total of nine children, seven in-laws, eighteen nieces and nephews, and two parents. She decided she wanted to be in debt and attend college after already attending school for twelve years, she’s bringing in the brains, not the gains. Tiana literally has zero hobbies, but she does love dogs and babies. She loves helping friendly people and will always return that kindness, but with the unfriendly, she will fake it till she makes it. Tiana will be in our office every day because she loves her job. We are excited for you to get the opportunity to meet our newest Chiropractic Assistant. (PS...She wrote the above bio. You can imagine how fun she is to work with!)



Chiropractic Assistant

Alyssa has been working with us at Peterson Wellness Center while she attends school at Utah State University. She is studying exercise science, and especially loves learning about the body and how it works! When she graduates, Alyssa plans to attend school to become a Physician Assistant, so she has loved her time here since it has really shown her what it’s like to interact with patients and allowed her to grow in that way. She loves working with chiropractic patients because assessing injuries and doing what she can to help you improve is something she really enjoys! Alyssa smiles all day long…we claim it is because she loves her work so much, but we know it’s because she got married to Ben, her Man-of-Steele, last August!






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Insurance Ninja

Carrie has worked in healthcare billing for over 20 years. If we have a billing question, she knows the answer! Carrie loves to spend time with her husband, Dr. Norman, and her four children. And for fun, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends, and vacations in St. George… especially during the winter.

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