Stress Assessment in Logan Utah


A Meridian Test Can Help Determine Stress Levels

At Peterson Wellness Center in Logan, Utah, they have several physicians on their team including Dr. Eric Ohling, a Naturopathic physician who is dedicated to understanding and using natural and less invasive procedures to help improve the health of the community. Peterson Wellness Center strives to understand a patient’s needs and help them achieve the best state of health and wellness. Through the use of Natural Medicine practices including Meridian Tests, intravenous therapies, methylation and hormone replacement therapies they are able to help patients with difficult health challenges return to living and feeling well.

We Can Help to Assess Each Individual

One important feature of our wellness center is that we don’t just focus on individuals who are ill or injured. Many of our patients come in to address simple issues like improving athletic performance or overcoming fatigue. As another example, It’s quite normal for men to lose testosterone gradually as we age which is one reason why one of our services is testosterone therapy at Peterson Wellness. They also have wonderful treatment options for allergies and asthma which are fairly common, but treatable ailments.

Overall Health and Stress are Closely Linked Together

If you are looking for a more natural approach to health and wellness by reducing stress in Logan please give them a call. Their phone number is (435) 787-1787, or you can also schedule an appointment with their great staff at the Peterson Wellness Center. Stop by anytime at 1515 North 400 East, Suite 106 in Logan. For additional information about their location, hours and available services you can reach them online at Peterson Wellness Center anytime. They look forward to meeting you and helping with your health concerns through natural medicine and exceptional doctor care. See you soon – at Peterson Wellness Center.

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